Grand Canyon Volunteers

One of the main functions of the Grand Canyon Trust is to provide the public with volunteer opportunities to enhance the natural environment of the Colorado Plateau. Since 1894, Grand Canyon Trust (GCT) has worked with thousands of volunteers to give interested members a valuable way to interact with the natural environment while preserving its beauty for future generations. The Colorado Plateau spans 13,000 miles and covers parts of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, and it is home to thousands of unique plants and animals. The Navajo Nation has long called the Colorado Plateau home, and Grand Canyon Volunteers has worked with the Tribal Council to create and implement a number of cultural and employment opportunities for local communities.

Volunteering is a Meaningful and Fun Way to Honor and Enjoy the Colorado Plateau

Interacting while doing a good deed is a great way to meet other like-minded individuals while on vacation. If you’re traveling as a family, you can teach your children about the importance of protecting nature while having a memorable vacation experience. The Grand Canyon Trust offers volunteer experiences for all ages and interests. While visiting the Grand Canyon, you can sign up for a volunteer opportunity to work with Park science and resource management staff on natural resource preservation programs. There are also volunteer opportunities on the Leupp Family Farm, located at Monument Valley Tribal Park.

Grand Canyon Volunteer trips are an exciting and personally rewarding way to learn about the Colorado Plateau and its fascinating history. GCT volunteer excursions are free, although a $100 completely refundable cancellation deposit is required. Another benefit of volunteering is that volunteer coordinators love to cook, and you will be served excellent meals while helping preserve the Colorado Plateau. For more information about year-round volunteer excursions and opportunities to participate in important park restoration projects, click here.

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