Grand Canyon Tours from the South Rim

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon is the most visited and popular destination of this national park. Stunning views, tourist hot spots, restaurants, lodges and major trailheads are all found here. Book any kind of tour and there is availability from the South Rim. Lodging is rustic and levels of comfort don’t reach the standards of cities, but if it’s getting back to nature you want and with the canyon at your fingertips, this is the place to be. The South Rim offers easy access to all feeder locations like Las Vegas, Flagstaff and Williams.

Tour Companies with trips from The South Rim

Papillon Grand Canyon Tours
Best known for it’s air tours but can provide combination packages to enhance your overall experience and maximize your time in the Grand Canyon.

Maverick Helicopter Tours
Helicopters are specially designed to maximize the sight-seeing experience with a variety of tour packages to fit both budget and schedule.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours
The company prides itself on first-class treatment for all its patrons and offers some of the more affordable and time-sensitive flights.

Grand Canyon Coaches
Provides a variety of combination coach tours by partnering with other respected tour companies.

Grand Canyon Airlines
This company is the originator of fixed wing flights over the canyon and offers a range of tours and packages to accommodate all budgets.

Angels Gate Tours
Provides informative hiking and backpacking tours guided by expert naturalists and are appropriate for any age and mobility level.

Scenic Airline Tours
Scenic Airlines offers a range of tours to satisfy both budget and time offering both short flights over the canyon as well as full day excursions over, in and out again.

Canyon Exploration Expeditions
This company’s offerings span from the traditional to very unique, even inclusive of a rafting tour with a string quartet.

Tracing its roots back to the first tour company to take visitors down the Colorado River, this group offers unique rafting experiences with historical authenticity.

Colorado River and Trail Expeditions
This company offers white water rafting tours of varying lengths with deluxe inclusions of helicopter rides and sleeping cots.

Moki Mac River Expeditions
This company provides river tours of the Grand Canyon ranging from 6-14 days. Daily hikes, camping and exploration of the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Railway
An old style train tour to and from the Grand Canyon offering live entertainment along the way.

Grand Canyon Mule Tours
This company provides mule rides around or from the South Rim to the bottom and back.

Air Grand Canyon
This company provides three air tours over the Grand Canyon that accommodate time and budget.

Wildland Trekking
Excellent guides are the draw with this outfit that runs multi-day backpacking trips as well as lodge-based day hikes.

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