Grand Canyon Tours from Page, Arizona

The tiny little town of Page, Arizona is the closest feeder location for Grand Canyon tourists. Sitting on a mesa with beautiful vistas of its own, Page is home to the Navajo Nation, Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell. It is the hub of the Grand Circle of national parks, historical sights, ruins and more that stretch through Arizona, New Mexico and Utah.

Page is home to most of the rafting tours offered in the Grand Canyon and many other hiking outfits as well. It is “the” put in place for rafting tours and has easy access to both the Colorado rive and the canyon itself. Outdoor enthusiasts will find more to love about Page than those looking for high style and comfort but if you’re there to experience nature, you’ve come to the right place.

Tour Companies with trips from Page, AZ

Grand Canyon Airlines
This company is the originator of fixed wing flights over the canyon and offers a range of tours and packages to accommodate all budgets.

Colorado River Discovery
This group offers a guided quiet water float or row down the Colorado into the Grand Canyon.

Wilderness River Adventures
Guided white water rafting appropriate for all active and fit-ish folk. Hiking and camping are part of the multi-day experience as is conquering the mighty Colorado River.

Arizona River Runners
This company offers white/calm water rafting packages of varying lengths inclusive of hiking and camping.

Colorado River and Trail Expeditions
This company offers white water rafting tours of varying lengths with deluxe inclusions of helicopter rides and sleeping cots.

Moki Mac River Expeditions
This company provides river tours of the Grand Canyon ranging from 6-14 days. Daily hikes, camping and exploration of the Grand Canyon.

Outdoors Unlimited
This company provides white water rafting tours of the Grand Canyon lasting from 5-15 days.

Western River Expeditions
This company provides river rafting in style with cot camping, prepared meals and roomy tents.

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