Grand Canyon South Rim

Couple Enjoying the Beautiful Landscape of the Grand Canyon Sunset.

Where the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is wild and remote, the South Rim is teaming with activities, sites, lodging and more. Most who visit the Grand Canyon come here and for good reason. It’s much more accessible, for one thing. Many roads lead here and from major cities like Las Vegas, and Phoenix, rather than just one, as is the case with the North Rim. And with plenty of lodging and food both readily accessible from inside and just outside the South Rim gate, it’s easier to book and stay close to your destination.

There are sights upon sights here. Just about all are accessible by foot, but for those who want to ride, float, fly or drive, that’s also possible here. The famed Skywalk is found at the South Rim as is Grand Canyon Village, a popular spot for shopping and eating.

And if it’s hiking you want, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, the famed donkey tours depart from the South Rim but if you want to walk, you’ll have a multitude of trails to choose from ranging in difficulty from easy to very strenuous. Book a naturalist to guide you if you like or strike out on your own. Regardless, the canyon is sure to present you with new experiences you’ll be glad you had.

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  1. Never have I visited such a place that evoked such calm, serenity and awe! The afternoon I was there, we drove along the southern rim, stopping along the way. Each time, there were numerous others there, all doing the same thing. Standing among as many as 40-50 people at a time, no one spoke much louder than a whisper. Children were quiet.

    I want very much to return. I am attempting to lay plans in motion to live nearby one day. I’m taking retirement in May at age 62. Just may be contacting you folks asking for a part-time job!


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