Grand Canyon Vacations

With so many tours available and so much to see, planning your vacation to the Grand Canyon can feel overwhelming. Breaking it down into manageable parts can help.; First decide how long you’re going to spend there. Do you want to devote your entire trip to seeing the Grand Canyon or is it only a part of what you’d like to do? Then think about where you’d like to base yourself. Will you stay inside the canyon? On the South Rim or the North? Or will you vacation at a nearby city, like Las Vegas, and divide your time between nature and nightlife? Once you’ve figured out those basics, you’ll have a clearer picture about how much time you’ll have in the canyon itself and can begin to plan how to spend it. The options for experiencing the canyon are countless but with a little planning and research, you can make the most out of your Grand Canyon experience.

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How Long is Your Grand Canyon Vacation?

One Day Trip: If your time is limited to hours or just a day, consider budgeting in a helicopter or airplane tour. It’s a great way to experience the majesty of the Grand Canyon Vacation without devoting days.

Three Day Trip: It takes several days to hike to the bottom and back but if that’s a must, think about booking a mule. Overnight rides can even include bookings at Phantom Ranch.

One Week: In a weeks time you can do and see a lot.  Hike to the bottom and book a rafting tour down the Colorado River. Pack a tent and camp along the way You’ll still have time to hike out at the end of the week.

Two Weeks or More: With the luxury of time, you can do much more. Spend time hiking on the North and South rims, float down the Colorado, take in paradise at Havasu Falls, your options are bottomless even if your pockets aren’t

Printable Maps

It’s hard to find a free map that has been formatted for your printer. We’ve taken the NPS maps and resized them for your convenience. Download and print them here to help plan your Grand Canyon Vacations

Saving Some Pennies

National parks can certainly be done on a budget.  It’s the original family vacation, after all, and the Grand Canyon is the most popular.  Saving money is easy to do but requires some planning ahead. Seniors should investigate discounts at local hotels or bus tours from larger cities.  For families, staying in a budget friendly hotel or motel within driving distance is a great penny saver although you may be looking at a drive of more than an hour before you save. But for those who love getting back to nature, camping inside the park can be the most time and budget friendly of all.

Weather Wise

A word to the wise, it can get mighty cold on the rim and scorching hot in the valley so know what to expect from the weather or you may regret leaving that tank top or polar fleece at home. The seasons bring big changes at the varying elevations of the Grand Canyon.

Getting There

Fly in, bus in, ride in, walk in or drive in, however you do it, you’ve still got to decide how to get in.  North, South, East or West, where you come from may determine what you’ll see, so be sure to do your research and choose your approach wisely to suit your style.

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