Tusayan, AZ Hotels & Lodges

The small, village-like community of Tusayan serves as the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Located just a few miles from the gate of the South Rim, Tusayan offers visitors the convenience of being within close proximity to the park, making it a popular choice for lodging among tourists. Here, visitors can experience the small-town feel with family owned and operated restaurants, smaller hotels and unique gift shops all just minutes away from the park.

The town of Tusayan is Arizona’s newest incorporated community. This small town is primarily a service community, meeting the needs of millions of visitors to the Grand Canyon each year.

Tusayan is also home to the Grand Canyon Airport, the only state-owned airport in Arizona. From here, visitors can embark on helicopter and airplane tours, experiencing a very unique perspective of one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Grand Canyon IMAX Theater, located inside the Grand Canyon Visitor Center in Tusayan, provides visitors with a movie-going experience of the Canyon. Its seven story, giant screen presentation offers visitors a thrilling on-screen experience of rafting down the Colorado and climbing the canyon walls.

Quaint, Authentic Experience with Balance of Modern Conveniences

For a truly authentic Grand Canyon experience, it behooves you to stay inside the park, but be prepared to sacrifice a few comforts of home such as internet access and ultra-comfy accomodations. Tusayan offers a little of both, making it a popular lodging choice for

Despite its and relatively remote location, Tusayan still manages to offer its visitors amenities and modern conveniences. – a popular choice for those whose definition of getting away from it all doesn’t include getting away from WiFi and internet access. Most hotels in Tusayan boast pools, internet connection, cable television and hearty restaurants for a variety of budgets. One hotel even has a bowling alley! Laundry facilities and a post office are other bonuses found in Tusayan.

In Tusayan, there are no hotels fancier than a basic three star level hotel. Some are motel-style and some are not. By and large, the owners of these motel and hotels work hard to keep their facilities comfortable, up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing, but if you are looking for a Ritz-like experience, you won’t find it here. Most lodges have handicap facilities but be sure to make your needs clear as only a few have elevators.

In general, the rooms are clean and serviceable. The few modern amenities found here are important to many who aren’t ready to leave the world entirely.

Proximity Has its Price

There is something truly genuine about staying in a town so close to your destination and with people so dedicated to Grand Canyon tourism that it can come with a hefty price tag. Pricing can vary depending on the season you are visiting and room size, but by in large, you will pay more to stay at a hotel in Tusayan than you would elsewhere. Remember, it’s proximity to the Grand Canyon you are paying for here and that comes at a price. So, do your research and know what to expect when you are booking in Tusayan.

Find Grand Canyon Village (Tusayan), AZ lodging at these top properties

The Grand HotelThe newest hotel in Tusayan, The Grand Hotel offers plenty of creature comforts all within a short distance from the entrance of the park.

Holiday Inn Express – Grand Canyon Village SouthStandard rooms offering all the basics you expect from a hotel only a mile away from the Grand Canyon.

Best Western Grand Canyon Squire InnA bowling alley and game room make this hotel ideal for travelers with children.Canyon Plaza Resort

Canyon Plaza Resort Grand CanyonBasic accommodations within minutes from Grand Canyon National Park.

Red Feather Lodge:  Family owned and operated since 1963, this pet-friendly, southwest-style hotel offers modern comforts and is only a mile away from the park.

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