Things to do at the North Rim

The reason to choose the North Rim lies in nature alone. This is the place for true outdoorsmen, experienced hikers and dedicated campers. Painters and photographers will also be well rewarded with time spent here. Because there are few amenities, most who come here do so to experience the Grand Canyon in a more organic way. Hiking and camping are the most popular activities at the North Rim. Beyond that, the Grand Canyon Lodge offers the only accommodations in motel rooms and cabins as well as housing the only restaurant. The North Rim Campground is a decent hike away but an easy one at that. There is a shuttle that runs from the lodge to the North Kaibob trailhead and mule ride can help you get part way to the bottom if that’s your plan. Rangers give daily talks on various topics including geology and wildlife. And if you do get to the bottom of the North Kaibob Trail, you’ll find yourself at Phantom Ranch and Bright Angel Campground where you can pick up a rafting tour or continue your hike up to the South Rim.


Toroweap: For the true adventurer, Toroweap, aka Tuweep, is a breathtaking reward. It is a commitment as you’ll travel unpaved roads and over two hours away from anything else, but once there you have one of the most dramatic views of sheer cliffs and the Colorado River winding through the canyon below. There is a campground and several exciting trails to try, but heed park service warnings. Lava Falls in particular should be hiked only with the utmost caution as elevation change makes it one of the most strenuous. And with no civilization for miles, if you get hurt or dehydrated, you’re in trouble.

Mule Rides: Mule Rides have been a staple at the Grand Canyon for years. At the North Rim, you can book a mule ride from a barn just a shuttle ride from the lodge to Uncle Jim’s Point or half way down the North Kaibob Trail. Rim rides are also available but from the North Rim they’re not going to get you to the bottom of the canyon. That responsibility lies solely with you. The rides run from May through October, run twice daily and can be booked at Grand Canyon Lodge.

Guided Hikes: For those who want to know more or have an expert along, sign up for a guided hike. They are available through the parks service at either rim and can be a great way to experience the canyon and receive a lot of information along the way.

Ranger Programs: For the saavy traveler and those who want to be in-th-know, the ranger programs offered by the parks service can be wonderful additions to your daily routine. A schedule of events can be found on the national parks website here: range from talks on history, geology and natural life in the canyon to campfire and kids programs, fun for the whole family.

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