Grand Canyon Tours from Sedona

Sedona, at about 115 miles distance, is certainly farther away from the Grand Canyon than Flagstaff and Williams, but it has its own flavor and culture that draws many of the same crowds. With its dramatic red rock countryside and draws like Oak Creek Canyon and Coffeepot Mountain, outdoor enthusiasts can easily base there and double up on natural wonders spending weeks to months exploring new and exciting terrain.

Jeep tours from Sedona are very popular and often couple tours to the Grand Canyon with other red rock highlights and explorations. It’s a climbers paradise so if you’re looking to pair hiking the Grand Canyon with scaling Monument, you’ve come to the right place and will easily find a tour or tours to help you accomplish your goal.

Tour Companies with trips from Sedona, AZ

Open Road Tours
This company caters to the adventurer who wants to maximize their experience the American West and learn along the way.

Pink Jeep Tours
This is a family friendly, adventuresome way to visit some of the quieter, unique spots in the Grand Canyon and have an unobstructed, up-close experience.

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