Grand Canyon Tours from Los Angeles, California

If your vacation dreams include shopping on Rodeo Drive, star sightings and gazing over one of natures most glorious creations, LA can make your dreams come true. Yes, it is farther away than most Grand Canyon basing grounds but with a major international airport and it being LA and all, you won’t have trouble getting from here to there and back again. If you can get a non-fat, iced, 1/2-caf, vanilla bean, mochachino, why would you have trouble booking a tour to anywhere in the world you’d like, including the Grand Canyon?

Because it’s farther away, you might have more luck finding coach tours inclusive of but not limited to the Grand Canyon, but it is LA after all. If you want it all, ask for it. You’re bound to be able to book the vacation of a lifetime.

Tour Companies with trips from Los Angeles

Get America Tours
Company offers combination tours that include other major parks and destinations to maximize your experience of the American West.

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