Grand Canyon Tours from Flagstaff

Flagstaff has the proximity to the Grand Canyon to make it easily navigable as a home base while still offering its own flavor of history and culture. It’s a hotspot for outdoor enthusiasts and is accessible to more than just one stunning park. Basing from Flagstaff gives tourists the opportunity to spend time in the Grand Canyon and, when ready, move on to other fantastic parks like Bryce and Zion Canyons in Utah, the Painted Desert and much more.

Because it’s close, it’s easy to get to any tour you’ve booked. Hiking tours are the most prevalent but most offer add-ons with rafting, air and helicopter outfits so you don’t have to compromise.

Tour Companies with trips from Flagstaff, AZ

Angels Gate Tours
Provides informative hiking and backpacking tours guided by expert naturalists and are appropriate for any age and mobility level.

Great West Adventure Company
Offers a variety of tours to the Grand Canyon from Arizona locations inclusive of some unique sights and features. Check out the Historic Railway Tour for a real Old-West experience!

Open Road Tours
This company caters to the adventurer who wants to maximize their experience the American West and learn along the way.

Arizona Raft Adventures
This back-to-nature adventure company takes you down the Colorado River in white and calm water for days on end, providing guided hikes and floats and scenic camp sites.

Canyon Exploration Expeditions
This company’s offerings span from the traditional to very unique, even inclusive of a rafting tour with a string quartet.

Tracing its roots back to the first tour company to take visitors down the Colorado River, this group offers unique rafting experiences with historical authenticity.

OARS Grand Canyon Adventures
This company offers the unique experience of river running in wooden Dory boats. Tours range in length from 4-18 days.

Four Seasons Guides
This company provides a wide range of tours at varying levels led by knowledgeable staff. Camping and rafting are part of some tours.

Just Roughin It Tours
Unique backpacking tours of the “road less traveled” in the Grand Canyon.

Wildland Trekking
Excellent guides are the draw with this outfit that runs multi-day backpacking trips as well as lodge-based day hikes.

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