Grand Canyon Jeep Tours

When you think of off-roading in a canvas top jeep, you think of muddy trails and steep climbs off the beaten path. Few people may realize that’s possible at the Grand Canyon but surprisingly, it is. Jeep tours take you to destinations unreachable by coach while still riding rather than walking, and still being guided and educated by a Grand Canyon expert. It’s surprising where these four-wheel drives go and how up-close-and-personal this kind of tour can be. It’s more intimate than a coach tour and certainly more unique. Smaller parties can ride together to out of the way scenery avoiding crowds and lines for their own special experience.

Most jeep tours can be booked from Grand Canyon feeder locations like Las Vegas, Flagstaff and Williams. Adding on another kind of tour is certainly possible so if you want to fly high over areas you’ve just driven through or float down the Colorado that looked like a ribbon only moments ago, don’t hesitate to ask your booking agent to “make it so.” Pricing varies depending on length and add-ons but this kind of tour can be a unique and special way to see the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Outiffters that offer Jeep Tours

Maverick Helicopter Tours
Helicopters are specially designed to maximize the sight-seeing experience with a variety of tour packages to fit both budget and schedule.

Pink Jeep Tours
This is a family friendly, adventuresome way to visit some of the quieter, unique spots in the Grand Canyon and have an unobstructed, up-close experience.

Sundance Helicopters
Offers a range of tours to suit your sight-seeing style. Fly, float or drive your way to and through the Grand Canyon.

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