Grand Canyon Historical Society

The Grand Canyon Historical Society is a non-profit organization that is committed to the preservation and appreciation for historical sites and artifacts in the Grand Canyon area. Founded in 1894 in Flagstaff, Arizona, the GCHS offers history synopsis, online forums, scholarships, volunteer restoration opportunities and a historical collection that helps scholars and researchers find the information they require to further the understanding and study of the Grand Canyon and surrounding areas.

GCHS is responsible for promoting and educating visitors and locals about the Grand Canyon and the history of the plants, animals and cultures that call the Canyon home. Together with local and national preservation groups, the Grand Canyon Historical Society aims to promote appreciation and understanding of the history of the region and its original inhabitants. Committed to the preservation and documentation of letters, diaries and other important artifacts found in the Grand Canyon area, the GCHS relies on donations from individuals who are committed to maintaining the stunning beauty of the Grand Canyon for future generations to enjoy.

A portion of the proceeds from GCHS donations helps fund an annual $1000 scholarship. The GCHS scholarship fund benefits the academic research of one graduate student attending an Arizona university. The winner of the scholarship is expected to research some important aspect of the Grand Canyon, from preservation and ecology to the area’s history and geography. Donations to the GCHS scholarship fund can be made online.

By providing an Arizona student with the ability to research new aspects of the Grand Canyon’s history, GCHS is passing the torch to future generations in the hope that the area’s rich history and culture will be appreciated for years to come. Whether you want to volunteer your time while visiting the Grand Canyon area, or you wish to promote the cultural understanding and preservation of one of America’s most important natural landmarks, your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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