Grand Canyon Trust

The Grand Canyon Trust was founded in 1984 to help preserve and maintain the Colorado Plateau, which encompasses 13,000 square feet, and includes parts of Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico. Situated in the heart of the American West, the Colorado Plateau boasts a unique blend of flora in fauna. Deserts, forests, rivers and slickrock canyons are just some of the diverse natural marvels that are found in this geographically singular region.

In addition to protecting the Colorado Plateau’s beautiful and fragile natural ecosystem, Grand Canyon Trust is committed to preserving and nurturing the culture of the people who have inhabited the area for thousands of years. GCT is responsible for the creation of The North Leupp Family Farm, established in 2001. This important program serves over thirty families, and is now developing relationships for the bulk sale of its organic produce. Additionally, Grand Canyon Trust has founded and implemented the Green Jobs Commission, which works together with the Navajo Tribal Council to foster economic growth in environmentally sound employment within the Navajo Community. Other important programs implemented by GCT include:

  • Retail Development in Shonto: Grand Canyon Trust helped fund and plan this ten-acre retail site on Navaho land.
  • Plateau-Wide Projects: Air Quality and Clean Energy are two of GCT’s projects that encompass the Colorado Plateau, working on a transition strategy to embrace technology and business practices that encourage renewable energy and green jobs.
  • Natural Forest Restoration: The Trust is working with the Forest Service to implement restoration projects on the Dixie, the Fishlake and Manti-La Sal National Forests.
  • Invasive Species: GCT has created a volunteer program to help eradicate Tamarisk, a highly invasive plant species from Eurasia that was brought to the area in the 1900’s. The attractive yet environmentally debilitating plant was imported to control bank erosion, but it also has overtaken native species with its abundant need for space and water.

For over three decades, Grand Canyon Trust has provided dozens of programs spanning thousands of miles to help preserve the Colorado Plateau and its fragile and diverse ecosystem for generations to come. Without the generous contributions of volunteers and members, these essential programs would not exist. Whether your donation comes in the form of volunteer hours or a check, every contribution counts to further the education and appreciation for one of the world’s most expansive and impressive natural marvels. To learn more about donating to Grand Canyon Trust see the sidebar.

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