Geologic Resources of the Grand Canyon

There is no doubt that the Grand Canyon is an amazing spectacle to behold. In addition, its many rock formations reveal its geological history. Geologists have been able to determine the types of rock that make up the Grand Canyon. Furthermore, they have assigned time periods to the various rock layers. The Grand Canyon has been taking shape for billions of years. The erosion brought on by the Colorado River had a great deal to do with the creation of this astounding place. Whether it is a geologist who is fascinated by its rock layers or an everyday visitor whose breath is swept away by its majestic views, the Grand Canyon continues to be appreciated by all.

Geological Formations of the Grand Canyon

A Geology Web Quest

  • Grand Canyon Web Quest: High school students and anyone else interested in discovering more about the rock layers of the Grand Canyon will enjoy this intriguing web quest.

Information on Erosion and the Rock Cycle

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