Western River Expeditions

Western River Expeditions

Experience rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in as much comfort and style as one can when camping. Cots and roomy tents are provided, along with fresher food than you might imagine possible on a long excursion, prepared for you each day by your guides. Portable toilets are available once camp is set each day minimizing the need for a more “natural” experience.

Excellent reviews all around and repeat bookings mean this is likely to be a tour worth taking. Guides are touted for their knowledge and concern for guests and patrons speak glowingly of the comfort they are provided throughout their trip.

Most popular tours

6-7 Day Tour: Includes 188 river miles down the Colorado with daily side canyon hikes and comfortable camping on cots. Your choice to sleep out under the stars or in a roomy tent. Guides prepare meals. You must be 12 or older to ride this ride as it does have some physical aptitude requirements.

4 Day Tour: Includes an overnight at the Bar 10 Ranch where you’ll be entertained by cowboys. A helicopter ride into the canyon delivers you to your put in location. White water is still a part of this trip but it’s not as aggressive as other available tours leaving the age requirement a little younger at 9.

3 Day Tour: Includes less aggressive but still exhilarating white water over 100 miles in the Grand Canyon. Side canyon hikes and luxury cot camping are still part of the deal. But you still have to be 9 or older to ride this ride. Parents take note.

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