OARS Grand Canyon Adventures

OARS unique Dory boat tours focus on providing a quality experience rather than whisking you down the canyon at top notch speeds. Dory boats, long, wooden crafts, are built to hold intimate parties and lots of gear. They are slower than rubber rafts but provide a more authentic and intimate boating experience, according to runners. The guide to guest ratio is high, creating a more relaxing trip overall.

Customer service and the Dory boat experience seem to keep this company in good reviews, as does attention to detail. Rafting adventures are by no means cheap and this one is no exception. Not all tours are appropriate for all ages, so know what your buying before you book.

Most popular tours

Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek: Includes 225 river miles and taking 42 major rapids in Dory boats. Tours range from 13-18 days and include guided hikes and camping throughout the expedition. Round trip to Flagstaff included.

Phantom Ranch to Lake Mead: Includes some of the most famous white water rapids of the Grand Canyon taken in Dory boats. Tours range from 10-13 days and include guided hikes and camping throughout the expedition. Motorboat picks you up on your last day to drop you at Lake Mead.

Whitmore Wash: The shortest trip offered, includes 4 days on the Colorado in Dory boats, a night at the Bar 10 Ranch and a helicopter flight into the canyon. Five major rapids run on this tour and guided hikes and camping throughout.

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