Moki Mac River Expeditions

Moki Mac tours of the Colorado River range from six days to two weeks and can be done in motorized or oar boats, depending on your time constrictions. As much time as possible is spent hiking in side canyons. This is a family affair run by the passionate Quist family since 1947.

Most popular tours

8 Day Motor: Includes 280 miles in the canyon running the Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Lake Mead. No strenuous hike in or out on this one but optional daily hikes in side canyons available.

6 day upper canyon oar powered trip: Includes 87 miles from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch. 10 mile hike out of the canyon is required, so be forewarned. Nightly camping under the stars and side canyon hikes along the way.

9 day lower canyon oar powered trip: Includes 193 miles from Phantom Ranch to Lake Mead. 10 mile hike into the canyon is required and can be strenuous. . Nightly camping under the stars and side canyon hikes along the way.

3 thoughts on “Moki Mac River Expeditions”

  1. I had the time of my life… in fact this trip was life changing. I returned home and changed the course of my life or more accurately found my life purpose. I became a naturalist, then a park ranger and then a wilderness ranger and I know it was because of my time floating down the canyon on rafts we rowed ourselves. As the river carried us though the ancient, immense landscape our guides shared stories and adventures with us that seemed to unfold around each bend. Some of the sweetest moments were swimming in the blue, sacred waters of the Little Colorado, exploring side canyons and waterfalls, and watching the swirling starry night sky by campfire. And the hike out was awesome too!
    I wanted to stay forever. Instead that canyon trip has never left my heart.
    Thank you Moki Mac. You couldn’t have known how this trip would touch my life or maybe you could….
    Forever grateful,
    River trip 1986


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