Grand Canyon Mule Tours

Grand Canyon Mule Tour

Who doesn’t have that image of riding a mule down narrow paths with steep canyon on one side and rock face wall on the other? Mule have been a favorite way to get into and out of the canyon for close to a century. Miners used them for their sure-footedness and endurance and tour companies picked up where they left off. The mule is well-suited to traversing the terrain and riding one to the bottom can save your legs the trouble while still providing the experience of traveling the canyon top to bottom. But remember these are animals and in so being, unpredictable. Serious injury rarely occurs but it is impossible to predict what might happen along the way. Follow the rules the company sets out to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Reviews are almost exclusively good. Guides are touted for being safety conscious and caring. The mules are well cared for and loved by staff and tourists alike. But know what you’re buying. If you want to get into the canyon on a mule, an overnight at Phantom Ranch is the only way to do it.

Most popular tours

Abyss Overlook Mule Ride: Includes a 2 and 1/2 hour mule ride through prairie and juniper forest from Grand Canyon Village to the Abyss overlook. Stops for photos and snacks at the Abyss. Weight and height restrictions apply.

Overnight Rides to Phantom Ranch : Includes mule ride down Bright Angel Train to the bottom of the canyon. Overnight at Phantom Ranch and meals provided. Weight and height restrictions apply.

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