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For many who come to the Grand Canyon, hiking is what it’s all about. But it can be hard to navigate alone and more fun when you know what you’re looking at. Four Season Guides is a hiker’s adventure company that provides experienced, knowledgeable leaders to head up your Grand Canyon experience. Hikes vary in length and difficulty so be honest about your ability before you book.

Reviews are hard to come by but reports of stellar trips and knowledgeable guide are all that’s found.

Most popular tours

Deer Creek/Thunder River Loop: Includes 40 miles over 5-7 days past some of the best scenery in the canyon. Difficulty level is strenuous. Overnight camping in the canyon. Meals provided.

Marble Canyon: Includes 4 days of day hikes, a river float trip and lodging at Marble Canyon. Difficulty level is moderate.

Havasu Falls Hiking/Whitewater Excursion: Includes 4-6 days camping, hiking and rafting to and around Havasu Falls. One night spent at Hualapai Lodge and a helicopter ride out of the canyon at the tour’s conclusion. Difficulty level is moderate.

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  1. Amazing experience, professional outfit!! You can tell by the way the Park Rangers respect them, as well as the other guides on the trails that they are truly the best in the Southwest when it comes to tours. Go with FSG, you will NOT regret it.


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