Colorado River Discovery

Rafting down the Colorado river is the Grand Canyon fantasy of many visitors. Colorado River Discovery is all about making your watery dreams come true. They offer full and half day floats and rows down a smooth section of river between Glenn Canyon Dam and Lees Ferry, the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Be forewarned, there is no white water to be had. The tour is suitable for all ages as this company is all about preservation and education rather than extreme adventure. Your trip will be informational and beautiful and white water free.

It’s hard to find a bad review of this company. Phrases like “well oiled machine” and “excellent experience” pop up over and over. As with any large organization, there will be the occasional mishap and weather issue to contend with, but overall, this tour seems to be among the best.

Most popular tours

Half Day Standard : Includes a guided quiet water float in an eco-friendly motorized raft from Glenn Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry.

Full Day Row : Includes a guided quiet water row from Glenn Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry.

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  1. Will you be operating the half standard raft from Glenn Canyon Dam to Lees Ferry in February 2019? Thank you.


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