Colorado River and Trail Expeditions

Choose from motorized, oar or paddle boats for a white water trip through the Grand Canyon on the Colorado River. Excursions vary in length from days to weeks. White water is the focus of this tour group and trips include unique side canyon experiences and hikes. Add on helicopter rides or time at Phantom Ranch and deluxe tours can include sleeping cots and round trip flights from Las Vegas.

Positive reviews across the board for CRATE. Tour takers come back for more after excellent experiences. Be forewarned, this is not a tour company for families with children under 12. White water rafting of this ilk has physical requirements beyond the average youngster.

Most popular tours

Deluxe Grand Canyon Motor Trip: Includes running the full length of the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. This means the biggest of the rapids are included in your trip and no hike in or out is necessary. Other than holding on for dear life, your need for boating experience is minimal although you do need to be in some kind of shape for the daily hikes.

Grand Canyon Rowing and Paddle: Includes your choice of oar or paddle boats and tours lasting 11-13 days depending on what you choose to do. Oar tours are navigated by tour guides but if you choose to paddle, bring some Tiger Balm for your arms because you’re going to do the work. Helicopter flight into the canyon and round trip service to Las Vegas is included in the price.

Lower Grand Canyon Motor Trips: Includes motor rafting from Phantom Ranch to Lake Mead. A 9 mile hike begins this 6 day tour. Round trip motor coach transport to and from Las Vegas is included in the price.

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