Canyoneers traces its roots back to the first of the tourist Colorado River Expeditions, Nevills Expeditions founded in 1934. Proud of their beginnings, this family run tour group offers a variety of expeditions down the Colorado spanning days or weeks. Special trips include nights at Phantom Ranch and geology educational tours.

Reviews of this company are scarce but positive. Patrons feel like their money was well spent and the tour was a trip of a lifetime. Do be prepared for your trip. Get detailed information from the tour company on what to expect and what to bring as rafting tours are among the more vigorous excursions available.

Most popular tours

Best of the Grand : Includes 193 river miles covered in 5 days, side canyon hikes and the most exciting of the Colorado River rapids. Add on a night at Phantom Ranch for an additional cost.

Geology Special : Includes 280 miles over 10 days and lead by geologist, Wayne Ranney, a leading expert on the geology of the Grand Canyon.

CanyonOars Upper Grand : Experience the river the way the pioneers did. In small oar boats and ride in the Sandra, a restored cataract boat of the ilke used by Nevills Expeditions.

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