Canyon Exploration Expeditions

This company prides itself on tailoring each experience to the participants. Oar, paddle or kayak, the choice is yours and not only once, but daily. Guides, called “interpreters”, help you choose what each day will entail. Portions of rafting, hiking and camping are part of every day, but how much of each is up to you. CEE is sensitive to conservation efforts and in keeping with their mission, provides educational and environmentally friendly experiences.

Reviews are scarce but positive. And this company offers some perks others don’t, particularly in accommodating special needs individuals.

Most popular tours

The Full Canyon Trip: Full Canyon trips cover both the Upper and Lower sections of the river – 225 river miles. From the Roaring 20s to Lava Falls you won’t miss any of the Canyon’s rapids or secrets.

The Upper Canyon Trip: This trip will take you through the first 89 river miles of Grand Canyon. The whitewater starts small and gets bigger every day allowing time to gain confidence in your oar guides or paddle team.

String Quartet Tour : Includes 15 days on the Colorado River, hiking and camping with a string quartet who performs for you in the canyon each day at various stopping points.

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