Arizona River Runners

Be whisked down the Colorado River on a motorized or oar powered raft to experience first hand the excitement nature provides in the Grand Canyon. Arizona River Runners offers rafting tours from three days to over a week depending on how much time, money and endurance you have. Participants aren’t required to row but you’d better be prepared to hike a good bit if you’re not going the whole 225 miles. Round trip to Las Vegas is possible for an added fee if you’ve decided to recover in style after your outdoor adventure.


High marks for Arizona River Runners. Adventurers seem well informed by the company and, although feel they paid a lot, also seem to feel they got their money’s worth. Try to channel the boy scout’s motto when taking a rafting tour, always be prepared. That means doing your research and knowing what you’ve signed on for. Those who don’t pay the price of discomfort and disappointment.

Most popular tours

The 3 Day : Includes shortened, motor powered rafting excursion, hiking and camping for those without lots of time. Meals provided and knowledgeable guides lead expeditions.

The 6 Day : Perfect for those with only a week’s vacation. Includes white/calm water rafting, guided hiking and camping. Meals provided.

The 13 Day : Includes all 225 river miles of the Grand Canyon in an oar powered raft. Guided hiking and camping throughout the trip and meals included.

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