Airbridge Tours

If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the bus. Airbridge offers double-decker, deluxe coach service to and from the South and West rims of the Grand Canyon. Guides narrate along the way as you stop at major sights such as the Hoover Dam, Joshua Tree Forest, and the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Food or food vouchers are provided and upgrades include a 30-minute air ride over the canyon or the chance to see an IMAX movie on the Grand Canyon.

Some Airbridge customers have reported many bus changes, long wait times, and shortened time at prime sights, all leading to a much longer day than they had planned. Some reviewers mention an unadvertised 5% surcharge if you pay with a credit card, so as with all tours, make sure you check the fine print so you won’t be surprised. Travelers do report enjoying their guides; any frustration seems to be on the administrative side.

Most popular tours

Grand Canyon West Rim Deluxe Bus Tour: Includes hotel pick-up and return service and a guided coach ride on a double-decker bus with live narration at each sight. You’ll spent time at the Hoover Dam, the Joshua Tree Forest, Eagle Pointe, and the Grand Canyon Skywalk, with four hours to explore the West Rim.

Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour: Includes guided tour on a double-decker bus with stops at the Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill, and the National Geographic Visitors center. Guests can upgrade tickets to include an IMAX film or a 30-minute helicopter ride over the canyon. Meals are included.

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