Air Grand Canyon

Air Grand Canyon provides three flying routes over the Grand Canyon in small, fixed wing planes with oversized windows for excellent viewing. Three routes, three prices. The budget conscious can still afford the shortest tour while those looking for a long flight over the whole canyon aren’t to be denied either. In business since 1979, the company prides itself on providing more choices than other companies for viewing the canyon “as the eagle sees it.”

Reviews indicated plane type and tours have changed and web information is no longer valid. Larger planes are apparently now being used and window seats are not guaranteed. Be sure you ask questions when booking and know what you’re getting.

Most popular tours

Budget Tour : Includes a short circuit from the South Rim, North and back.

Canyon Tour : Includes a longer flight around the South, East and North Rims and over the center of the canyon.

Grand Tour : Includes the longest circuit from the South to the North Rim extending the furthest into the surrounding area.

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