A Virtual Field Trip to the Grand Canyon

For decades, the Grand Canyon National Park has been a popular tourist attraction. In fact, millions (anywhere between 2 to 5 million) of people each year go and visit the Park. A trip to the Grand Canyon is a lot of fun for the whole family. For kids, the National Park has designed three programs … Read more

A Guide to Tying Knots

Of all the tools humans have created, from the most primitive to the most technologically advanced, probably the most versatile and useful is the knot. There are many kinds of knots and many different uses for them, depending on the job they need to do. To get an idea of how important knots are to … Read more

A Kid’s Guide to the Arizona Sonoran Desert

The plants, animals, and amazing scenes contained within the Arizona Sonoran Desert make it an exciting place to visit. The desert covers a lot of area in the United States including part of southern Arizona and a southeastern portion of California. It also moves into Sonora, Mexico. The stately saguaro cactus plant and the prickly … Read more

Get Kids Outdoors with the new Junior Rangers Let’s Move Outside Program

Debuting at 20 national parks, including Grand Canyon National Park Just you try to keep up with the jumpin’ Junior Rangers at Grand Canyon National Park! The National Park’s Junior Rangers program has been around since the 1920s, and now the brand new Let’s Move Outside program gives Junior Rangers extra reward for playing and … Read more

Family Vacation

The next morning, we got up early and headed out for The Grand Canyon. What can I say about The Grand Canyon that hasn’t already been said? It’s something everyone should see. Here are a few random thoughts, though: – While planning our vacation, I considered reserving space to sleep at the bottom of the canyon, … Read more